hello internet!

my name is mikael c. fritts and i am a full stack web designer and web content specialist working for central piedmont community college in charlotte, north carolina. i focus on responsive/adaptive web development, committed to producing high quality web solutions using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies built on various content management systems.

enjoy your stay!


what i do

I create accessible, responsive, useable, scalable, professional websites using standards compliant code as set forth by the W3C, resulting in semantic and SEO friendly HTML5 and CSS3. The first thing I do is start sketching (on paper with a pencil!) and then lay them out in a grid system. My favorite flavors are Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, and skelJS. When users need a site with its own content management system I use either WordPress or Drupal for general ease of use and familiarity. I do not do a lot of backend programming but I am familar with PHP 5 with a nice MySQL or NodeJS backend.


who i am

Aside from writing markup language and coding, I also work with Rich Media. I do every, and anything from video production and editing to sound clean-up and restoration. Interactive ad development and design are something that I also enjoy experimenting with. When I'm not designing or developing, I'm surfing the web, getting my hands dirty in developing for the android, going to see local live talent, reading whatever I can get my hands on, enjoying a nice beer with a great steak, mucking about with my friends, and attempting to master the art of cooking. Currently, I've been spending my free time learning more and more HTML5/CSS 3, learning Python, as well as brushing up on my JavaScript and jQuery skillsets.


what i use

Presentation Layer:
HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Boilerplate
Development Languages:
JavaScript jQuery PHP Python
jQuery DjangoBackbone AngularJS skelJS AmpScript
Content Managment:
Wordpress Django Plone Drupal
Application Architecture:
Version Control:
Git Subversion
Data Integration:
Data Stores:

what i've done

future clients and/or employers; a majority of the work that i've completed over the past few years cannot be displayed publicly due to contractual obligations, proprietary reasons, and/or non-disclosure agreement's that have yet to expire. i am sorry for this inconvenience, but i will provide samples when they are called for or needed. thank you for understanding.


my résumé

i have provided my most current résumé in multiple formats for your viewing pleasure. if you need another format, please feel free to ask!

Resume in Word FormatMicrosoft Word

Resume in HTMLHTML

Resume in TXTPlain Text

Resume in PDFPDF

Resume in XMLXML


contact me

if you've got a question, i'm sure i have an answer. fire away!